spielbox 2011 Issue 6 (engl.)

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spielbox 2011 Issue 6 (engl.)
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EditorialCurrentHey, That's My Game!Dispute on Intellectual Property Rights:Bambusspiele vs. ZvezdaDeck-building is Now Common Knowledge:Novelties from SPIEL ?11PortraitIn Between Euro and War Games: Andreas StedingSpielbox EditionHarz / Bayern:New Maps for Great Western" by Martin WallaceReviewDisc-overies to be Made or, How I Turned Turtle:Discworld Ankh-MorporkChance Factors Elegantly Controlled: Casa GrandeEnergy Transformation in the Stone Age:Powergrid: The First SparksOptimizing the Unoptimizable: TrajanGreetings from Brasilia: The CityForgotten in Due Course - Except for the Marbles Device: The Secret of Monte CristoDeck-building With a Map: A Few Acres of SnowA Pared-down Partnership: TournayFour Roads to Victory: Sid Meier?s Civilization: The Board GameTo Be ContinuedStone Age: Mit Stil zum ZielPure Joy of ThinkingA Great Deal of Neat Logic: Checkers GamesFor KidsFEX: Lecker oder GemeckerBurg DrachengoldSchusselhexeMonster-AlarmFuchs & fertigMarienkäfer und soAt A GlanceMiss Lupun und das Geheimnis der ZahlenSpace MissionPalettoPuzzle StrikeTweaks and VariationsFortuna: Sesterces against bad luckDraco / Mount Drago: Team race and the flight of the dragon ridersContactStandardsShort notesContact"