Sentinels of the Multiverse: The silver Gulch (Exp.) (engl.)

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Kurze Beschreibung von Sentinels of the Multiverse: The silver Gulch (Exp.) (engl.)

Silver Gulch is a good town. Well, it was. Before them Hayes boys rode into town, that is. Since then, most of the townsfolk've cleared out. Hightailed it out of town, and just in time, too. Now, every street corner is filled with the sounds of breaking glass, hootin' and hollerin', and gunfire.Last night, there was a strange, warbling sound, and a bright flash of weird light. Some folks in funny clothes came walking out of thin air, but they looked as confused as the rest of us! They're clearly far from home. Wasn't long before the Hayes brothers were taking pot shots at them, too.Due to the Time Cataclysm, the heroes and villains have been transported back to 1883, to the infamous town of Silver Gulch, where the air is thick with swears and bullets. You have to survive the locals AND try to make it back to your timeline before you and your teammates are stuck here forever...