Quest for the Antidote (engl.)

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A Fun competitive game for 2-6 players that pits players in a race to be the first to complete their antidote potion before they succumb to the deadly poison coursing through their veins. Battle monsters, obtain loot, and destroy your opponents with the evil meddling cards. Every dice roll, every movement, every battle consumes your breath. Can you beat the game and collect all of the ingredients before your life runs out. Contents: • 1 Game Board • 6 Wooden Colored Pawns • 6 Wooden Colored Breath Trackers • 6 Sets of 10 Ingredient Cards (60 total) • 50 Monster Cards • 18 Meddling Cards • 10 Loot Cards • 8 Drop Cards • 1 10-Sided Battle Die • 1 6-Sided Movement Die • 1 Wooden Debris Token • 1 Rulebook • All original art