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Overwhelmed by the Goblin hordes, remnants of the Five Realms were forced to flee their prosperous Hiddenlands, eventually establishing their civilizations again in the newly-discovered lands of Pandoria. But as they stake their claims and build anew, the old rivalries that were once their downfall resurface.You take on the role of one of these realms, working together with your opponents to develop Pandoria. But all the while, you are also looking to be the dominant realm in the land through gathering resources, building, and learning spells that harness the magic of this mysterious place.Pandoria Merchants transforms the critically-acclaimed board game into a roll & write" game that you can play anywhere, even online!With 3 game versions, Pandoria Merchants covers a wide spectrum: the family version for beginners and newcomers to the world of Pandoria, the regular version suitable for experts, and for the first time a solo version where you compete with the trolls."