Neuroshima Hex: Iron Gang 3.0 (Exp.) (engl.)

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Kurze Beschreibung von Neuroshima Hex: Iron Gang 3.0 (Exp.) (engl.)

Engines roar through the night sky, as you see clouds of dust coming your way. Hot tires screech across the road, as hundreds of riders wreak havoc to anything on their path. They are followed by heavy armoured warriors, intimidating anyone with a cacophony of metallic sounds made by their chains, net launchers and other weapons of post apocalyptic war.First, the riders are going to surround and entangle you with their web of steel. Melee fighter will follow soon after, bringing pain and destruction. Even if you are going to defend yourself, even if you manage defeat one of them, more replace their fallen comrade.Death is coming your way. You can try to run. You can try to hide. But sooner or later, you are going to fall into their hands. This is not your average gang - this is IRON GANG, brutal group, who perfected the art of the hunt from the back of the steel steed.IRON GANG rules highlightBoth HQ and certain units of IRON GANG army have Chain special ability, which can be activated outside of battle. Chain is connecting two units with that ability, if there is a straight line between them, and it allows them to target and hit any unit on that line.That means, that your HQ placement is crucial - are you going to set a trap and form a web of steel over your enemies, or are you going to defend your HQ with strategical placement of supporting units?