12 Realms: Dark Lords (Miniatures Pack)

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Kurze Beschreibung von 12 Realms: Dark Lords (Miniatures Pack)

Jack Rackham, Titania, Von Rothbart, Tamamo No Mae, Mouse King, Pirate King, Bakeneko and Snow Queen are included in this Miniatures Pack. All the Dark Lords have been gathered ready to attack the 12 Realms. Each Realm are corresponded 2 Dark Lords. At the beginning of the game you choose which one of the Dark Lords you want to face.When Invasion Marker reaches the number 16 of a specific Realm, the Dark Lord of that Realm appears and the game's difficulty is raising. You must collect the 3 Artifacts of the specific Realm, move your Hero to the Area where this Lord is appeared and final your Hero needs to exploit the equivalent Talents. These Talents have been designed on each of the Dark Lords' Cards. You will find all the Dark Lords' Cards in the basic game.