12 Realms: Buildings (Miniatures Pack)

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Kurze Beschreibung von 12 Realms: Buildings (Miniatures Pack)

In the Buildings Pack are included three different buildings: Inn, Stable and Bazaar. These buildings introduce in the basic game a variant. You place one building per Realm (in case you play with four Realms, then one of the realms will be without a building) which acts as an extra Market, meaning you can buy new cards from them which are different from the Town Cards.To each Building are corresponded six cards. To buy such a card you must place your Hero on the specific Area where a Building has been placed and exploit two Gold Coins. You draw one card and you take it in front of you. The cards of each Building are different and as a result of this, they offer you different things like: extra talents, more moves, defense to curses and more.